What is Glamping?

See Why Everyone is On Board with Glamping

Brush Creek Ranch is one of the most unforgettable glamping resorts in the nation. Our glamping activities offer guests a truly distinctive experience compared to other Wyoming luxury ranches. But what is glamping?

Glamping is the combination of two words: “glamorous” and “camping.” This vacation option gives travelers the opportunity to experience traditional camping, but with the comfort of staying in a luxury resort. Guests receive the benefits of a rustic expedition in the fresh air, without the fuss of setting up camp gear and having to endure other laborious acts. At Brush Creek Ranch, you're situated amidst the Ranch's remote alpine setting. Enjoy luxurious amenities (such as electricity!) while sleeping under the stars.

Who knew bringing two very opposing words together could be such a thriving vacationing trend? The history of glamping can actually be found within many cultures: In the 1100s, the Mongolian tribes created glamp tents to provide shelter and protect tribes from strong winds; Central Asian nomads used yurt tents for centuries. This nomadic and stylish lifestyle continued in Turkey, Africa, and other European countries. Now, many explore glamping as an option for group activities such as bachelorette parties, summer music festivals, or for a new and exciting adventure.

Interested in glamping? While a stay in one of our luxury lodge roomscabins suites, and cabins as the hub for your outdoor adventure classifies as glamping, check out our expansive yurts for the ultimate group vacation. These spacious 700-square-foot, four-season circular tents consists of a plywood structure with a dome roof. It is also fully furnished, featuring luxe amenities, privacy, and surrounded by the beauty of nature. Come visit our glamping destination today and stay in a bohemian, modern oasis.

See why Bustle.com and others love glamping at Brush Creek Ranch. Reserve your trip now or for more information please call 307.327.5284 or or submit a reservation inquiry form.

Glamping at Brush Creek Ranch
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