Medicine Bow National Forest

Medicine Bow National Forest

Skill Level: All

Duration: 2.5 Hours


Spanning forever-long across the Western Frontier lies Medicine Bow National Forest, an area steeped in legend. As the story goes, tribes sought after coveted Mountain Mahogany to constructing their bows and as a medicinal ingredient during annual, ceremonial powwows. When settlers appeared on the scene and began interacting with the tribes, a hybrid speech developed among them. The tribe’s activities in the forest became known as “making-medicine” and “making-bow”, resulting in the area being called Medicine Bow by locals.

Guests are driven to a trailhead where they can run, throttle along on an ATV, or simply enjoy a picnic lunch. For ambitious hikers, the two most popular hiking options are the Peak Hike and Lakes Trail, but, no matter which of these you choose, they can be tackled with or without guides.


Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is the Peak Hike? Do you think I can do it?

It is best suited for experienced hikers and those that are in good physical condition. It is a challenging hike. You will feel the altitude if you live at a lower elevations. We’ve taken moderately experienced hikers on this hike and they loved the challenge and had a great time. The key is to be prepared for a 5-7 hour hike and stay hydrated and fueled.

Can we have a picnic lunch on our hike?

Yes! Just let the Activities Coordinators know and they’ll arrange it.

What if I don’t have hiking boots?

Sneakers are fine, and we have hiking shoes (Keen brand) you can borrow if you prefer.

Can we go by ourselves on a Medicine Bow Hike?

Yes, but we need to know your plan. We do recommend utilizing a guide for the Peak Hike.

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