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Big Game


Pronghorn Antelope

Skill level:All
Duration:2 Days


The fastest land mammal in North America, Pronghorn Antelope make for some of the most challenging and exciting hunting pursuits in Wyoming. Using a spot and stalk approach, hunters begin with extensive glassing from a vantage point until a buck of choice is located.

Also known as “speed goats”, these antelope have excellent eyesight and are typically found on flat terrain. The tricky part is finding variances in topography that offer a way to slip in close enough for a shot. The typical shot distance may be upwards of 250 yards, so long distance practice is a must. All bucks pursued will be of a mature age, with horn size upwards of 12 inches tall. Antelope make for a beautiful trophy as well as great table fare.

Application Period: Jan. 1 – May 31

Geographic Zone: Area 50/51 Type 1

Draw Date: June 30

Start Date: Sept. 16 (Rifle)