Experience the Foremost in Hunting and Fishing


Experience the Foremost in Hunting and Fishing

Season of Sporting

August 2019 | Brush Creek Ranch

Summer may be coming to an end but another world class hunting and fishing season is just beginning at French Creek Sportsmen’s Club. With the most experienced guides and outdoorsmen in the industry, spend a few days at French Creek Sportsmen’s Club for exhilarating upland bird hunting on historic lands or fly-fishing in our private freestone waters.

Hunting is deeply woven into the history of the west and wingshooting is a time-tested and efficient way of bird hunting in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming. At French Creek Sportsmen’s Club we take great pride in turning this sport into an incredibly fun and educational experience for hunters both new to the sport and seasoned pros.

Wingshooting is primarily a group endeavor. Besides the hunters providing the marksmanship, there is also an experienced guide and a number of highly trained dogs that both flush out and retrieve the downed birds. Not only is this a great activity for enjoying a day out with friends, it's an amazing opportunity to walk our property and take in the awe-inspiring vistas. A group out for a day of wingshooting can expect to walk an average of one to three miles on relatively unlaborous terrain. After the hunt is completed, our chef will prepare a hearty meal for you, bringing your adventure to a close with an incredible feast.

Early fall brings cooler temperatures and the return of better fishing conditions to our world renowned waters. The colorful flora and cool autumn breeze make the season perfect for donning your waders and casting at rising trophy trout, experience some of the best fishing in the nation. Over 10 miles of privately owned waters are exclusively yours during your time at French Creek Sportsmen’s Club.

Each stretch of water offers challenges for fishermen of all experience levels. The North Platte River is home to beautiful vistas, steep canyons, and steady flowing waters that house blue-ribbon populations of trout. Smaller, more technical, and brimming with sporting opportunity, the Encampment River is home to some of the largest fish in the valley and is a notable tributary to the North Platte. Finally, French Creek offers great wild trout fishing in steep terrain for the angler looking to test their abilities.

Whether you’re hunting or fishing, you can expect to be fully outfitted by our team for your adventure. We’ll provide the premium Orvis and Beretta gear you’ll need to perform and the team that’ll help you succeed. Join us this fall at French Creek Sportsmen's Club and immerse yourself in a season of incredible experiences.

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