Nature & Wildlife Hiking with Doug Wachob | Wellness Retreat at Brush Creek Ranch, Wyoming

Wildlife & Wilderness with Doug Wachob

Special Event

Educational Nature Hikes

June 19-22
Location:Brush Creek Ranch
Event Summary

Join naturalist and wildlife ecologist, Doug Wachob, for a series of curated hikes with conversations on topics ranging from birding and wildlife to sagebrush ecosystems and stream ecology. An engaging educator and captivating storyteller, Mr. Wachob connects people to surrounding nature while discussing the importance of conservation and natural resource management.

*Events available to Brush Creek Ranch lodging guests only. Schedule is subject to change. Book now online or inquire for details by calling 307-327-5284.

Meet Doug Wachob

Former Interim Dean at the Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources at University of Wyoming, Mr. Wachob received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Minnesota and Master of Science and Ph.D. degrees in Zoology and Physiology from the University of Wyoming. His academic background is in wildlife ecology with an emphasis on the ecology of human dominated landscapes with a career focused on conservation, educating students about the natural world and training educators to use the outdoors as an effective educational environment.

He is an avid outdoors person with strong interests in outdoor recreation including backpacking, hiking, hunting, and most anything related to wilderness. He was formerly Associate Executive Director at Teton Science Schools and formerly Director of Conservation Programs for The Nature Conservancy - Alaska.

Naturalist and Wildlife Ecologist Doug Wachob