Sarah Wragge Nutrition & Wellness Weekend | Brush Creek Ranch, Wyoming

Sarah Wragge Wellness Weekend

Special Event

Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Retreat

August 18-21, 2022
Location:Brush Creek Ranch
Event Summary

Don't just vacation to relax, but fully restore and rejuvenate your body. Take time for yourself and join our wellness weekend with the Sarah Wragge team to learn their method to holistic nutrition and wellness. At the heart of the program are simple strategies to stay active, eat for optimal health and energy, and winddown to give your body the rest it needs. Not only will you feel revitalized from the weekend experience, but you'll take away recipes for delicious smoothies and healthy meal prepping, essential nutritional information, and spa rituals and routines.

*Events available to Brush Creek Ranch lodging guests only. Minimum length of stay may apply. Accommodations and events are subject to availability and schedule is subject to change. To reserve or inquire for details, call 307-327-5284.

Tentative Itinerary Details Below

Thursday, August 18:

  • Welcome Reception

Friday, August 19:

  • Morning Meditation & Fitness: Slow Flow Yoga + Meditation and Bootcamp/HIIT Class
  • The SWW Method: Come meet the SWW Team! Learn about the SWW Basics and why blood sugar is so important and how it sets you up for a successful day. Review sample food journals and learn to set a foundation that guides your nutritional habits.
  • In the Garden with Sarah Wragge: Tour The Farm's Greenhouse, while learning about the importance of seasonal eating and how the SWW Method can also translate to dining out. Also learn how to easily meal prep for the week.
  • Fitness Training - Hike & Bike

Saturday, August 20:

  • Morning Meditation & Fitness: Slow Flow Yoga + Meditation and Bootcamp/HIIT Class
  • In the Kitchen with Sarah Wragge: Build a balanced plate with favorite recipes.
  • Spa Rituals & Routines: Learn how ending your day is just as important as how you start.
  • Hike & Mountain Side Chat: How to cleanse and detox the right way and feel satisfied.

Sunday, August 21:

  • Morning Meditation & Fitness: Slow Flow Yoga + Meditation and Bootcamp/HIIT Class
  • Farewell Breakfast with SWW Team
Meet Sarah Wragge Wellness

Sarah Wragge Wellness (SWW) is a holistic nutrition and wellness company that teaches others how to eat for optimal health and energy, lose weight effortlessly, and enjoy the foods they love.

Sarah Wragge and her team of experts have coached thousands of clients following the SWW Method- a specific formula created to teach clients how to burn fat efficiently, eliminate sugar cravings and stay satiated between meals.

SWW has a unique ability to cut through the barrage of health, diet, and wellness trends and separate fact from fiction. Our coaches deliver the essential nutritional information everyone needs to know in a digestible way.

Learn More About the Team

Sarah Wragge Wellness