Wagyu & Wine Tasting with The Debate | Brush Creek Ranch, Wyoming

Wagyu & Wine Tasting with The Debate

Wagyu & Wine Pairing
Special Event

Debate The Process of Dry-Aging

June 30
Location:Brush Creek Ranch
Event Summary

1:30–3:00PM at The Farm at Brush Creek

Engage with the elite culinary team at Cheyenne Club in a friendly debate about dry-aging the Ranch's 100% American Wagyu. The unique process of dry-aging intensifies natural flavors and tenderizes meat. Select your favorite between dry-aged and unaged Wagyu, and pair the tastings with wine from The Debate. Started by two friends bringing their unique perspectives together, The Debate creates thought provoking and delicious wines that extend beyond the sense of taste to the thrill of telling stories and the art of listening.

*Events available to Brush Creek Ranch lodging guests only. Schedule is subject to change. Book now online or inquire for details by calling 307-327-5284.

100% American Wagyu

Wagyu cattle, known as the "Emperor’s Breed," was originally only available in Japan. The Farm at Brush Creek offers guests one of the few opportunities to experience this exceptional beef in the US. Wagyu beef is famous for its intense marbling, unparalleled tenderness and mild but delicious flavor. To achieve these characteristics, the Ranch closely follows the Japanese methodology to raising cattle in an extremely low-stress environment. By reducing physical stress, the marbling is improved and the meat stays exceedingly tender.

Wagyu Beef
About The Debate

By selecting three different vineyards with three different expressions of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, the Debate seeks to point out the diversity of terroir as well as the diversity of people. We live in an age where less and less time is spent at the dinner table discussing these different points of view. The Debate's mission is to bring people together to share a glass of wine to discuss and debate just as our team does.

The Debate Wine