Antelope Hunting in Wyoming

Antelope Hunting Seasons in Wyoming

Archery: August 15th - September 15th
Rifle: September16th - October 31st
Dates reflect typical seasons and are subject to change; confirm with our Outfitting Team for dates.

3 Day Hunts | 4 Nights

Pronghorn Antelope are the fastest land mammal in North America. Pursuing these “speed goats” can be both challenging and exciting on Wyoming antelope hunting trips. Hunts are mostly spot and stalk, starting with extensive glassing from a vantage point until a buck of choice is located. Antelope have excellent eyesight and are typically found on flat terrain. The tricky part is finding variances in topography that offer a way to slip in close enough for a shot. The typical shot distance may be upwards of 250 yards, so long distance practice is a must. All bucks pursued will be of a mature age, with horn size upwards of 12 inches tall. Antelope make for a beautiful trophy as well as great table fare, contrary to most beliefs.

Antelope hunting on our big game hunting ranch is ideal for the youth hunter or hunter with limited mobility. The hunt will begin from a vantage point glassing an area for a herd or isolated bucks. If a pursuable animal is spotted we will make a stalk and get within range. Antelope have very good eyesight, and their flighty behavior makes it a challenge for the hunter.

Application Period: January 1st - May 31st
Geographic Zone: Area 50/51 Type 1
Draw Date: June 30th
Hunt Length: 3 Days, 4 Nights

Combo hunts are available. For pricing and more specific details about antelope hunts, call Matt Anderson (307) 329-3084 or submit an inquiry form.