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Come experience wild game hunting trips at the preferred wilderness hunting lodge, French Creek Sportsman's Club.

Deer Hunting Seasons in Wyoming

Archery: September 1st - 30th
Rifle: October 1st – 14th
Dates reflect typical seasons and are subject to change; confirm with our Outfitting Team for dates.

5 Day Hunts

French Creek has a spectacular habitat that supports a healthy mule deer population. The pine timber patches on hillsides leading into large aspen patches and big draws covered in sagebrush give a smart old buck great places to hide and feel safe with plenty of browse to feed on. At French Creek Sportsman's Club, the preferred wilderness hunting lodge in the USA, we will spend a lot of time behind a good pair of binoculars scanning hillsides in search of a quality mature buck. Sometimes a lot of patience is needed to watch for the slightest movement from a feeding or bedded deer. With a strong management plan in place we are seeing the quality of bucks rise; last year three deer harvested on the ranch ranged from the one hundred sixty inches Boone and Crockett to one hundred seventy five inches gross score. Book your Wyoming deer hunting trips early with French Creek Sportsman's Club; openings are limited.

Application Period: January 1st - May 31st
Geographic Zone: Area 78 and Area 79 - Type 1
Draw Date: June 30th

Combo wild game hunts are available. For pricing and more specific details about deer hunts, call Matt Anderson (307) 329-3084 or submit an inquiry form.

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