Wild Game Hunting at French Creek Sportsman's Club

Book adventurous elk hunting trips and other wild game hunting with the preferred wilderness outfitters, French Creek Sportsman's Club.

Elk Hunting Seasons

Archery: September 1st – 30th
Rifle: October 15th – October 31st 
Dates reflect typical seasons and are subject to change; confirm with our Outfitting Team for this year's dates.

5 Day Hunts

Elk Hunting trips are an iconic part of the American West. The elk of south-central Wyoming makes seasonal migrations from the high country in the summer months to the lowlands of the Platte River Valley for the winter. French Creek Sportsman's Club, the preferred wilderness hunting lodge, is ideally located for Wyoming elk hunting, allowing hunters to catch the elk on their migrations and some areas hold elk year round, only attracting more during the fall. The elk rut during the heart of the archery season in September. Experience this and other wild game hunting in Wyoming at French Creek Sportsman's Club.

The bulls' bugles bellow out during dawn and dusk, giving up their locations. After pinpointing a bull we slip into close quarters and begin calling in order to get the bull to come close enough for a shot. The excitement of calling a bugling bull in is unmatched by any other method. The rut is tapering off by rifle season but you still have the chance at hearing bugling bulls. Our methods for rifle hunting switch to more spot and stalk or still hunting. Glassing atop vantage points to find a bull is typical in the morning. The trick is to then sneak in for a shot opportunity before the elk make their way to the timber to bed. Once the elk bed down we back off and wait for them to feed out in the evening. As with all of our hunts, we hunt smart and try to minimize our presence to the animals.

The bull elk is a majestic animal with their long swooping horns and distinct vocalization. The elk migrates down out of the high country to the ranch to escape the hunting pressures of the public ground. Once again glassing is key to find a pursuable bull and a stalk will be designed to get within a comfortable distance for the client and guide. Archery hunting the elk is a very exciting hunt as well; this is in September during the peak of the rut. The sounds the bulls make will be sure to keep the hunter’s heart pounding. Come experience elk hunting trips at French Creek Sportsman's Club.

Application Period: January 1st - 31st
Geographic Zone: General License
Draw Date: February 28th

Cow Hunters: inquire more for correct area application

Combo hunts are available at our elk hunting outfitters lodge. Call Matt Anderson (307) 329-3084 or submit an inquiry form for pricing and more specific details about elk hunting.

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