Mountain Lion Hunting in Wyoming

Mountain Lion Hunting Seasons

Rifle: September 1st – March 31st
Dates reflect typical seasons and are subject to change.

5 Day Hunt

The mountain lion is also a quota type season, beginning September 1st and running to March 31st. These Wyoming mountain lion hunting trips are normally in the snow, which provides the best tracking conditions. A pack of hounds raised and trained by a legendary hound’s man of the area will be used to pursue the big cat. In the early morning, the crew will drive the roads in either pickup or snow vehicle to find the tracks of a mature tom. The hounds will be released and let the chase begin. This hunt can be short with not much physical endurance or can be a long grueling day trailing the dogs and lion. This hunt is either done on foot or from horseback depending on the conditions, location, and client.

Application Period: Over the Counter License
Geographic Zone: Area 7 & Area 31
Draw Date: N/A