Plan An Unforgettable Day Afield

Imagine yourself peering through a heavily brushed blind as the sun begins to rise and the world awakens. The decoys begin to appear in the pre-dawn light and whistling wings are heard overhead. A lab sits by your side, eagerly looking into the sky for the morning’s first flight of ducks to light into the decoys. The only words spoken, after a few soft calls from your guide are…Take ‘em!

French Creek Sportsman's Club is a unique hidden escape with lots to offer for Wyoming waterfowl hunting; the area is on the far western edge of the Central Flyway, which brings a few migratory birds through the area. The majority of the birds being pursued are local birds. The North Platte River, warm water sloughs and ponds along the Encampment River, and vast hay meadows throughout the ranch attract both roosting and feeding waterfowl.

All of our duck hunting trips are conducted on private lands that are scouted and managed for your success. We supply top of the line decoys, well-trained labs, shotguns, shells, waders, and anything else you could possibly need. All you have to do is show up. We strictly hunt decoyed birds supplying optimum close-in shooting opportunities. Follow up your morning duck hunt with a fly fishing adventure or an upland walk up hunt for an unforgettable day afield. Plan waterfowl hunting in Wyoming today!