Extraordinary Wyoming Dining Experiences

Distinct Dining Inspired by Rocky Mountain Culinary Heritage

Extraordinary culinary experiences await guests at Brush Creek Ranch. Executive Chef Dan Grunbeck has an unparalleled knack for creating unforgettably mouthwatering meals that reflect the culinary heritage of the Rocky Mountain region, while keeping things approachable. 

“The culinary team at Brush Creek Ranch aspires to impress every guest with every dish served," says Chef Dan. "I want to highlight cuisine of the American West while also sprinkling in a variety of fare so our guests are always excited about their next meal.  Our offerings will be spanning from the quintessential “cowboy cook-out" to luxurious multi-course dinner parties, all while maintaining an authentic and unpretentious atmosphere. Ultimately the food will connect the guest to the genuine Brush Creek Ranch experience."

Whether it’s a smoked brisket, roasted rack of lamb or a whole smoked suckling pig, Chef Dan does everything with a little bit of a ranch twist to it, and always takes into account any special dietary needs from guests.  

Dining experiences at Brush Creek Ranch are exemplified by a variety of unique venues. Experience an expertly prepared campfire meal under the stars at our Creekside Dinner Camp, indulge in a multi-course meal in the opulent setting of the Trailhead Lodge, or come together with family and friends in the convivial and casual atmosphere of the Chuckwagon and Saloon. And these artfully prepared, fresh and hearty meals are included with your stay. Rustic and refined, dining at Brush Creek Ranch will be one of the most memorable parts of your stay.

Beautifully Set Dinning Table with Food and Wine

Luxury Picnic Creek Side