Horseback Riding in Wyoming

Equestrian Adventures Start Here

The mustang arena at Brush Creek Ranch is the heart of horseback riding in Wyoming. Our wrangler team starts their day here by gathering the herd and handpicking each horse to match with their riders’ experience level.

Participate in general horsemanship, arena games or be the spectator for rodeo events held throughout the season. The outdoor facility is 300 ft. long by 120 ft. wide and allows for a spacious but controlled environment to improve rider confidence.

The Mustang Arena at Brush Creek Ranch provides enough room to accommodate any number of guests from large groups to individualized adventures. After getting accustomed to their horse and gaining riding knowledge, riders leave the arena ready to take on any of our ranch trails or rides that we offer in Saratoga horseback riding.

Horseback Riding in Mustang Arena
Kids Participating in Arena Games
Youth Horseback Riding Lessons
Bull Riders at Mustang Arena

Horses in Mustang Arena