About Our Dude Ranch | Lodge & Spa At Brush Creek Ranch


In 2008, The Lodge and Spa entered the care of Bruce and Beth White. In the years prior, it had been owned by various families. Immediately upon entering the White’s Family, this family and their team became committed to restoring natural grazing pastures, building new structures, and supporting the ecosystem. Through this process, the Whites have continued the rich traditions of ranching, hospitality, and environmental stewardship.

Our Mission

Ranching has been a way of life in America’s heartland for centuries. It is our philosophical underpinning to practice responsible conservation and cultivation of the land -- just like those who came before us. Unforgettable ranch vacations await your family and friends. We understand that good stewardship ensures our working-Wyoming ranch will thrive and be enjoyed for generations to come. That is why we strive for minimal impact on the environment. Recognized as a leader in sustainability among Wyoming guest ranches, our substantial expanse of land in a conservation easement is committed to harmoniously balancing the needs of wildlife, livestock, land, and watershed. This is exacted through an ongoing land, stream, pond and forestry restoration and management plan.

Your All-Inclusive Vacation

Being rated one of the Top USA Resorts is no simple task, and, when you’re here, the hard work it took to achieve such a prestigious accolade becomes evident. Vacationing at our Ranch means all-inclusive access to a host of lodging, amenities, food and beverage, and a vast array of activities, all unfolding over 30,000 acres.

Cowgirl wrangling cattle in pen

Working Ranch

We pride ourselves in our dedicated, authentic staff that bring together a harmonious balance of elegance and the true nature of a working ranch.

We oversee two cattle herds: 200 head of Wagyu cattle for our pasture-to-plate program, and 150 head of Corriente cattle for drives or arena games. Both herds calve late April thru May. During this time, our team works tirelessly to care for the new generations of cattle.

Our 120 head of horses are available for our guests to ride. Additionally, we train and maintain 20 head of horses to be used by the agriculture team for tending the livestock. All our livestock work is from horseback as to preserve our western heritage.

We’ve thoughtfully crafted 90 miles of irrigation ditches to carry water from our nearby streams and rivers. This system feeds the 1,200 ton of native grasses used to feed the livestock from November thru mid May.

Maintaining a 30,000 acre ranch is no small feat. From the livestock, agriculture, or even tending to our 100 miles of fencing, our hands reflect a hard days work year-round. Yet, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Property Map

An Indescribable Luxury Ranch Destination

Majestic beauty. Rich history. Traditional rusticity. Brush Creek Ranch offers 30,000 acres of a working cattle ranch. Surrounded by prairies, mountains, creeks and rivers, our luxury ranch is perched in the center of the true American West. Adventure into views, experiences, and moments that will leave you speechless.