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March 2021 | Brush Creek Ranch

Spring’s new beginnings are not just reserved for nature at the Ranch. The menus shift from warm, comforting dishes of hearty winter fare to bright, refreshing dishes that awaken the palate.

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January 2021 | Brush Creek Ranch

Embrace the solitude of watching the sun rise over the Ranch with a cup of hot coffee and a warm blanket wrapped around your legs or sitting by the fireplace with a book and a cup of hot cocoa. Whether you seek a revitalizing getaway with one another, good friends or extended family, there is always a unique adventure, wellness for the body and the soul, waiting to be discovered through our front gates.

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December 2020 | Brush Creek Ranch

This year, more than ever, we find it important to pause, observe our surroundings, and give thanks for those little moments that make life fulfilling.

June 2020 | Brush Creek Ranch

With over a century of authentic history as a working cattle ranch, Brush Creek Ranch is an exciting all-inclusive escape from the ordinary summer vacation. Whether you seek a revitalizing getaway with one another, good friends or extended family, there is always a unique adventure waiting to be discovered through our front gates.

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February 2020 | Magee

Executive Chef Ülfet Özyabasligil Ralph is the newest addition to the team of highly acclaimed chefs at Brush Creek Luxury Ranch Collection. As a Relais & Châteaux property, Magee Homestead holds its culinary standards to the highest degree, and Chef Ülfet was selected to maintain this culinary focus. She has spent years mastering her craft, working under a variety of renowned chefs to hone her skills and learn unique methods in the kitchen.

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February 2020 | Brush Creek Ranch

Dedicate yourself to love and luxury this Valentine’s Day with a unique gift from Brush Creek Ranch. We have curated a list of handpicked, romantic gifts that will delight the senses. Ship them directly to your door, or make it a Valentine’s Day getaway by having your gift ready and waiting at your cabin when you arrive at The Ranch.

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January 2020 | Brush Creek Ranch

Discover one-of-a-kind treasures and handmade items at Brush Creek Mercantile. Choose from a myriad of apparel, home goods, jewelry, and barware. With everything from sweaters and pottery to exotic handmade pocket knives and elegant leather bags. We have unique items to make your next special occasion unforgettable.

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August 2019 | Brush Creek Ranch

Enhance your alpine experience at the newest addition to the Brush Creek Luxury Ranch Collection, Green Mountain. Explore everything you need to know.

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July 2019 | Brush Creek Ranch

We planted a seed and watched it grow into an idea beyond our imagination. This is how the Farm at Brush Creek came to light. To grow a variety of crops in the harsh mountain climate we created a haven in our 20,000 sq. ft. greenhouse. Holding true to our commitment to taking care of the land we shepard, this temple of growth harbors a wide variety of crops curated to provide you an unparalleled dining experience.

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July 2019 | Brush Creek Ranch

In the heart of the American west, the nation’s best and brightest chefs are creating new and exciting dishes, just for you. Come and taste world class cuisine in a setting with awe inspiring views.

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July 2019 | Brush Creek Ranch

At the French Creek Sportsmen's Club, another world-class & aesthetic hunting and fishing season rise. Learn more about the beauty that awaits you here

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June 2019 | The Farm

Discover how the Brush Creek Luxury Ranch Collection is defining luxury. The Farm is offering guests a unique & immersive experience never seen before.

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June 2019 | Lodge & Spa

Whether you are new or an experienced horseback rider, Brush Creek Luxury Ranch offers guests the chance to take the reins in a unique environment

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June 2019 | Brush Creek Ranch

When you think of the fourth of July, what comes to mind? For us, we’re reminded of all the times we’ve hustled through a crowd of strangers in order find the best viewing spot for the city’s firework show. We think of peaceful summer nights, lawn chairs, rich laughter, and all the colorful lights bursting across the sky and filling our fields of vision. We enter into the day with a sense of excitement, and leave the day wishing the fun could go on.

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June 2019 | French Creek

Spanning Wyoming’s mountainous foothills, sagebrush, and hay meadows, raise your eyes upward and pull the trigger. Feel the thrill and joy the kickback brings as your aim flies true and your prize falls from the sky.

French Creek Sportsmen's Club, Driven Hunts, Wingshooting, Sanger Ranch

June 2019 | Brush Creek Ranch

Brush Creek Ranch is 30,000 acres of of stories and memories just waiting to happen. Participating in one of the dozens of group activities we offer among our three unique all-inclusive ranch properties means there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Offering a wide variety of immersive experiences, guests can channel their inner cowboy on a cattle drive, fly-fish the blue ribbon waters of the Platte River Valley, or enjoy western dancing under the star-lit sky.

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May 2019 | Magee

Earning an accolade such as Forbes Travel Guide Five Staris akin to mastering an art form. It's no easy task. With an emphasis on a high level of hospitality in the areas of culinary, lodging, and a wide-range of experiences, caring for you is absolutely essential to our art form. It's something we take great pride in at Magee Homestead.

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May 2019 | French Creek

The early settlers of our land were bred in hard work. They were gold prospectors, swinging pickaxes in search of precious metals. They were tie hacks, chopping away at beautifully-aged timber rooted along Medicine Bow’s rustic slopes. It’s this spirit of hard work we’re known for at French Creek Sportsmen’s Club, and it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s for adventurers, thrill-seekers, and conquerors. World-class cuisine and accommodations can now be found here.

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April 2019 | Lodge & Spa

It’s easy for life to become an exhaustingly monotonous routine leading to burnout. Meeting the day’s rigorous demands can be taxing. Take a break and spice things up. Here’s a vacation idea for the family, or as we’d like to call it, a much-needed 2019 Summer Escape Plan.

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