World Class Ranch Cuisine | Magee Homestead


World Class Ranch Cuisine

Our Executive Chef, Ülfet, and her team craft Rocky Mountain dining experiences inspired by Western tradition. The sophistication of our ranch is reflected in only the finest ranch-sourced ingredients. From hay smoked carrots to herb-marinated wild halibut, our daily rotating menus are artfully crafted with you in mind. Each plate set before tells a story of its own and can be fine-tuned to meet any dietary need or restriction.

Meet the Executive Chef

Chef Ülfet leads the culinary team at the Magee Homestead. Her team created an entirely new menu for the 2020 season, with an emphasis on fresh, organic and responsibly sourced ingredients, featuring Ranch-raised Wagyu beef and on-site greenhouse vegetables.


A Premium Selection

As a premier Wyoming dining destination, Magee Homestead offers a full selection of wine and spirits to complement our unforgettable ranch cuisine. Our stellar wine collection at the Magee Lodge houses a grand selection of vintages from all over the world, each perfectly suited to the diverse array of dishes. Whether enjoying an intimate meal or a relaxed encounter on our outdoor patio, our vast selection of wines will ensure a perfect pairing.

Having earned the Forbes Travel Guide Five Star rating, guests can expect a complete mixology program, featuring handcrafted cocktails at all of our dining venues. Highlighting local ingredients and specialty spirits, these libations add a festive flair to your every meal.