Horseback Riding

Horseback Trail Rides

Choose from four levels of difficulty that appeal to all interests and ability levels. Our trail rides last anywhere from one to three hours. You’ll mount a horse handpicked for you based on size, ability, and temperament.

Our Level 1 ride is perfect for the novice or out-of-practice riders looking to gain confidence and knowledge at a gentle, walking pace. This ride is typically one hour in length, covering flat terrain through the meadows and trails surrounding the main ranch area.

Level 2 is suitable for those that have some riding experience and want to ride a little longer but remain at a walking pace for the duration of the ride. This 1.5 to 2-hour walking ride offers a variety of trail terrain, including subtle water crossings and hill climbs.

Our Level 3 ride is great for those that have moderate riding experience and are comfortable picking up the pace to a trot. This two-hour walk/trot ride offers a variety of trail terrain, including water crossing, steep climbing, and shallow ditch crossings.

Our Level 4 advanced ride is designed for the experienced rider, who wishes to see more of the ranch’s backcountry at a faster pace if so desired. This 2.5 to 3-hour ride allows riders to walk, trot, lope and jump across meadows, sagebrush, mountain trails and some water crossings. Pace changes will be at the discretion of the wrangler.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can we wear our own boots to ride?

Only if your boots can be slipped on/off without zippers or buckles and have around a 2 inch heel.

Can I bring my camera/water bottle?

No, for safety reasons, but our wranglers will carry any of your personal belongings and water in their saddle bags. We are happy to take pictures of you. There are also water stations along some of the trails.

Are all of your rides “Nose to Tail?”

No. Some sections of all our trail rides have to be in a nose to tail formation because of the trail, but there are opportunities on some rides to spread out.

Can my child ride with me on my horse?

No, this is for safety reasons. We have a great Lil Wranglers program where your children can ride.

My child has been riding since she was four years old and is very experienced. Can she go on our trail ride with us?

Our Wrangler team will need to assess her riding first and they will determine if she can go on the trail with you. You can arrange an assessment through our Activities Coordinators.

Can I bring my own horse to the Ranch?


Are there any days we can't ride?

Horseback riding is available 6 days per week with 1 day of rest.

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