Medicine Bow Creamery

Crafted Cheeses from Our Goat Herd

Medicine Bow Creamery

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Goat & Creamery Experiences

Looking to fully embrace the GOAT life? Guests can meet our herd of Alpine, Nubian, and Mini Nigerian goats and learn how the milking process works from our Dairy Managers. Play with the kids, shepherd our herd through a relaxing pasture walk, and get a behind the scenes tour of our goat operation.

Only Grade-A Goat Dairy in Wyoming

Our award-winning creamery masterfully instills complex flavors into a variety of cheeses, blending old-world and old-west traditions. Using the finest quality milk from our herd of Alpine, Nubian, and Nigerian Dwarf cross goats, Medicine Bow Creamery is dedicated to creating superior taste through tried and true processes. We strive for happy goats and exceptional milk quality. Our fresh and lightly aged cheeses lack a strong “goaty” flavor due to special diets and gentle milk handling practices.

Our Family of Goats

Originating in the French Alps, Alpine Goats are famously known for being a high quality dairy breed. In America, it continues to be one of the most revered dairy goats. Their temperament is loving, peaceful, trusting, and incredibly sociable. Medium in size and colorful in appearance, these animals bear standing ears, a straight profile, and produce flavorful milk. Nubians are our full-size goats with cute floppy ears and vocal personalities. They are well-known for cheese production due to the high butterfat content in their milk. The Nigerian Dwarf crosses are miniature goats that produce the sweetest richest milk of all dairy goats. Few commercial dairies raise them because they produce less milk, but we believe in quality over quantity. Their milk tastes like melted ice cream!

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