American Wagyu

Raised on Wyoming Land

100% American Wagyu

Keeping in step with our goals of stewarding resources well and continually enhancing the quality of our guests’ experience, we decided to pursue a type of cattle that best reflected our rich heritage. We wanted to ensure whichever premium brand beef we chose to raise would be consistent with Brush Creek Ranch’s agricultural land-use objectives. Our research inevitably led us to the Japanese "Wagyu." For over one hundred years, this cattle was known as the "Emperor’s Breed" and was only available in Japan. The Farm at Brush Creek offers guests exceptional beef with their equally exceptional dining experience.

Raising American Wagyu

Wagyu beef is famous for its intense marbling, unparalleled tenderness and mild but delicious flavor. To achieve these characteristics, we closely follow Japanese methodology to raising cattle. Traditionally, these cattle are housed in an extremely low-stress environment. By reducing physical stress, the marbling is improved and the meat stays exceedingly tender. They are incredibly docile due to all the human contact and are extremely well cared for.

Wagyu Breeds

Wagyu is an umbrella term used to identify Japanese Cattle. In fact, there are multiple breeds of Wagyu that all include distinctive features and flavors. While each breed exudes levels of refinement, our Wagyu program places an emphasis on the Black Wagyu breed. This breed produces cuts that are considered to be the absolute premium beef in Japan. We are excited to be supplying our guests with such an exclusive delicacy.

While Black Wagyu is our main focus, the other breeds from Japan feature a multitude of distinctions that make them a rarity as well. Raised primarily in the Kumamoto region of Japan, the Japanese Brown are another premium breed of cattle. Better known as Akaushi, this breed features a leaner meat than the other breeds. It is prized for its delicate flavor and multiple health benefits due to the high protein and reduced fat compared to other breeds.

Wagyu Beef

There are two breeds of Wagyu that are exclusively available in Japan: the Japanese Shorthorn and the Japanese Polled. Both of these breeds are smaller than the Black Wagyu and produce leaner cuts of beef. They are prized for their more natural, chewy textures and mild flavors.

The oleic acids, as well as the monounsaturated fats that are found in Wagyu beef are far higher than any domestic breeds found in the United States. Eating Wagyu beef at the same rate as average beef would show a slight correlation in the drop of an individual’s cholesterol. This is due to fatty acid known as Shimofuri, which boasts the good-cholesterol-carrying Omega-3 and is good for the heart. Wagyu beef is also famous for having roughly 30% higher unsaturated fat in comparison to average beef.

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