Brush Creek Cellar

An Unparalleled Wine Experience

Brush Creek Cellar

Wine Cellar Tunnel at Brush Creek Ranch

Taste Liquid History

Beneath The Farm lies a 94-yard tunnel housing 30,000 bottles of wine, many of which are exceedingly rare and highly collectable. Functioning as a blend between historians and librarians, sommeliers both categorize and store wines from various eras. Discover our collection, recognized as “Best of” by Wine Spectator. The temperature-controlled cellar sustains an optimal environment, ensuring the wines inside will provide enjoyment for years to come.

Wine Cellar Tours

Every single category of wine from every single portion of the world. Brush Creek Cellar is committed to holding one of the finest wine lists in the world representing every wine producing country in existence. Celebrating the past while looking to the future, you’re invited on a journey around the world without ever having to leave the comfort of The Farm.

Selecting a wine that pairs perfectly with your meal and preferences is an art form. Our sommeliers will tour you through the entirety of the cellar, including private tasting and aging rooms, while learning about different varietals, regions, and vintages, and enjoying fresh cheeses crafted from Medicine Bow Creamery. You’ll even have the opportunity to pick out a bottle of your choice for dinner at Cheyenne Club.

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