The Bakery

Artisan Breads and Pastries

The Bakery

Baking Classes at Luxury Resort in Wyoming
Gourmet Food Resort Baking Classes

Timeless techniques with a dash of innovative expression. We set out to build the profound, and after hours of thoughtful exploration and experimentation, we are thrilled to say the prospects are beautiful. The Bakery features a full range of bread, pastries, chocolates, and more, all prepared with excellent ingredients and a keen sense of intuition. What’s pulled fresh from our oven is crafted daily by our extraordinary Executive Pastry Chef, and enough goods are produced to supply both The Farm and the three ranches on property.

Baking Classes

Looking to hone your baking skills and learn from one of the best during your stay? Let our expert pastry chefs take you on a step-by-step journey making the famous Farm Souffle or one of our special holiday classes such as Valentine’s Day chocolate truffles with our Brush Creek Bourbon or fresh baked Thanksgiving pies. Tour the bakery in the elegant wine tunnel underneath The Farm and learn what it takes to supply the Ranch with fresh baked goods year-round.

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Keisha Sanderson, Executive Pastry Chef

Keisha Sanderson brings nearly 20 years of baking experience and profound knowledge in supervising pastry-baking operations to Brush Creek Ranch. She has worked as Executive Pastry Chef in four Diamond and 5-star hotels, resorts, and restaurants all over the world, including Jamaica, St. Lucia, Canada, California, Florida, and New York.

Her extensive understanding of delicate pastries, desserts, pies, chocolate art, sugar crafting, show pieces, and special occasion cakes is what makes her superior in the kitchen. Keisha is dedicated to providing an unparalleled dessert program for guests of The Farm and all three properties of Brush Creek Ranch. During your visit, indulge in delicious pastries and muffins every breakfast, fresh bread each day, and irresistible desserts to finish each dinner with a sweet bite.

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