Our Story

Legacy - Heritage - Tradition

Our Story

Our history is one of a working cattle ranch. We aim to enrich this legacy through the preservation and enhancement of our unique ecosystem through ongoing environmental and economic preservation. While our world is changing at an ever-quickening pace, the need to uphold the past and western ranch heritage is even more imperative. We endeavor to enhance the environment while preserving the authentic spirit of the west by educating our guests about sustainable ranch management and the historical stories of the land.

Working Ranch

Our dedicated, authentic ranching team brings together a harmonious balance of elegance and the authenticity of a working cattle ranch.

We oversee two cattle herds: 200 head of Wagyu cattle for our culinary program, and 150 head of Corriente cattle for drives or arena games. Both herds calve late April thru May when our team works tirelessly to care for the new generation of cattle.

Our 120 head of horses are available for our guests to ride. Additionally, we train and maintain 20 head of horses to be used by the agriculture team for tending livestock. All our livestock work is from horseback as to preserve our western heritage.

We’ve thoughtfully crafted 90 miles of irrigation ditches to carry water from our nearby streams and rivers. This system feeds the 1,200 ton of native grasses used to feed the livestock from November through mid-May.

Maintaining a 30,000 acre ranch is no small feat. From the livestock, agriculture, or even tending to our 100 miles of fencing, our hands reflect a hard day’s work year-round. Yet, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our American Wagyu


At Brush Creek Ranch, our greenhouse emphasizes the importance of effectively stewarding the resources in our care. To prevent wasting water or raising an over-abundance of crops, we utilize water filtration systems such as hydroponics to reduce our usage of water by 80% (compared to traditional farming methods), and meticulously plan ahead of time how much of a particular crop needs to be grown for that season. In the event of a surplus of fruits or vegetables, we offer them to local restaurants. Any leftover plant waste is then used for our own fertilizer and composting. In-floor heat and shading/energy curtains also reduce the need for cooling and heating, lowering gas consumption – all in an effort to effectively steward our resources well.


Through a series of enrichment programs, Brush Creek Ranch is able to invest in the lives of people all over the world. The Big Shoulders Fund, Staddle Camp, and Outdoors Bound give students the opportunity to engage in fun, educational activities. The Corbett Medical Foundation seeks to support, empower, and bring awareness to medical-related causes. We’re absolutely honored to have a hand in supporting noble causes such as these, and look forward to creating cherished memories in the process.

Our Destination:

The Great American West

Saying we typify the American West isn’t enough. We are the American West. Nestled on over 45 square miles of expansive, rolling wilderness in South Central Wyoming’s North Platte River Valley, you can find us just Southeast of the historic town of Saratoga.

Private air access can be found an easy 13 miles from our front gate, at Saratoga’s local airport. We can be reached via I-80 and WY Hwy 130. We’re 3.5 hours from Denver and one hour from Laramie. Welcome to Brush Creek Ranch, the heart of the American West.

Our Destination

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Luxury Lodge & Spa at Brush Creek Ranch
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Open Year-Round. A grand adventure for the whole family, this all-inclusive destination provides rest, renewal, and authentic ranch experiences for up to 155 guests (69 bedrooms).

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Luxury Magee Homestead at Brush Creek Ranch
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Open May through Mid-October. This prairie hideaway unfolds as a serene and spellbinding retreat for adults only or guests of any age with a buyout. Accommodates up to 27 guests (12 bedrooms).

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Luxury Glamping at Brush Creek Ranch
French Creek at Brush Creek Ranch

Open May through Mid-October. Nature enthusiasts seek this remote location on the peaceful banks of French Creek, ideal for fishing, glamping, and outdoor adventure for up to 14 guests (5 bedrooms).

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