Wyoming Big Game Hunting | Brush Creek Luxury Ranch Collection

Big Game


Elk and Deer

Skill level:All
Duration:5 Days


Five Day Hunts Elk and Deer hunting trips are an iconic part of the American West. The elk of South Central Wyoming make seasonal migrations from the high country, in the summer months, to the lowlands of the Platte River Valley for the winter. The elk rut during the heart of the archery season in September.

The Ranch also hosts a spectacular habitat that supports a healthy mule deer population. Pine timber patches on hillsides leading into large aspen patches and big draws covered in sagebrush give a smart old buck great places to hide and feel safe with plenty of browse to feed on. Sometimes patience is needed to watch for the slightest movement from a feeding or bedded deer.

Application Periods: Deer – Jan. 1 – May 31; Elk – Jan. 1 – Jan. 31

Geographic Zones: Deer – Area 78 and Area 79 – Type 1; Elk – General License

Draw Dates: Deer – June 30; Elk – Feb. 28

Start Dates: Deer – Sept. 1 (Archery), Oct. 1 (Rifle); Elk – Sept. 1 (Archery), Oct. 15 (Rifle)