Wyoming Horseback Riding | Lodge & Spa At Brush Creek

Horseback Riding


Pole Bending

Skill level:All
Duration:2.5 Hours


A very popular speed event with competitors of all ages, pole bending consists of a horse and rider maneuvering their way through a challenging slalom course. Our wranglers will teach you the technique and skills required to excel in this activity.


Horseback riding is the heart and soul of western tradition. Cowboys riding across the great western plains are as iconic as the American West itself. Saddle up at Brush Creek Ranch and take history by the reins as you ride through the Wyoming countryside and learn the skill set necessary to become a competent horseback rider with lessons from our experts. Choose from adventures of any skill level and take part in American tradition.

Our Trails

Our network of 55 miles of single and double track trails ranging from easy to intense terrain is waiting for you.

Equestrian Arena

Our 28,000 sq. ft. equestrian arena include indoor and outdoor riding areas, horse stalls, and veterinary facilities for the best in horseback riding in Wyoming. Participate in general horsemanship, arena games, or be the spectator for rodeo events held throughout the season!