Wyoming Wingshooting | Brush Creek Ranch | Saratoga, Wyoming




Skill level:All
Duration:2.5 Hours


Our waterfowl hunting trips are conducted on private lands that are scouted and managed for your success. The North Platte River, warm water sloughs, ponds along the Encampment River, and vast hay meadows throughout the Ranch attract both roosting and feeding waterfowl. We supply top of the line decoys, well-trained labs, shotguns, shells, waders, and everything else you could possibly need for your hunt. All you have to do is show up and take ’em all.

Our dedicated guides and water dogs will put you on unpressured ponds, creeks, fields, and river scenarios on the far Western edge of the Central Flyway, where there will be enough local ducks and geese to make for an excellent morning in a duck blind.



Our wingshooting experiences can’t be found anywhere else in the world. The sporting landscape is meticulously managed to promote the optimal bird habitat during our hunting season.

Eat & Drink

Our culinary masterpieces draw their influence from the surrounding Rocky Mountain area. When preparing our world-class meals, we utilize only freshest regional fare, as well as the Ranch’s own Wagyu cattle.