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Hunting 101

Wanting to get back to your primal roots of sourcing food from the wild? There’s no better location than the Great American West amidst 30,000 private acres of premier hunting grounds. Our team of expert hunters will help guide you through the process of hunter safety, tag application, shooting practice, tactics, meat processing, and more. From hunting big game to waterfowl, this two-day program will include seminar educational training, as well as hands-on gun range practice and a wingshooting hunt. Whether it’s your first time exploring the sport of hunting or you’re looking to refine your skills and knowledge, learning from our team of professionals across our vast, carefully managed bird habitat will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

$600 Per Person, Plus Tax & Gratuity

Three nights of lodging required September 4-7. Programming will take place on September 5 and 6.



Confirm your lodging reservation first by booking online or by calling our Reservations Team (307-327-5284). After booking, our Concierge Team will be in contact g to plan your itinerary.



  • Getting Started
    • Hunter Safety Requirements/Process
    • Application Process (focus on Wyoming, briefly touching on other states)
  • Gear
    • Attire: Boots/Footwear, Camo vs Blaze Orange, Socks/Layers
    • Packs/Vests
      • Bring pack and do a “pack dump”
      • Survival kit, Headlamps
    • Optics (Binoculars, Range Finder, Spotting Scopes)
    • Weaponry: Shooting Sticks, Knives, Shotguns (Over/Under vs Semi-Auto), Rifles and Optics, Bows/Arrows
  • Intro to tactics
    • Big Game – Spot and Stalk, Still Hunting, Timber vs Open Country, Treestands
    • Waterfowl – Ducks, Geese, Field hunting vs Water
    • Walking Upland
  • Intro to Animal Behavior: Feeding areas, bedding, rut/mating
  • Calling
  • Decoys
  • Maps, Apps, and Access
  • Field Dressing/Quartering/Packing
    • Slideshow/Video on big game
    • Practice on Pheasants
  • Meat Processing
  • Cooking



  • Rifles: Focus on hunting calibers, sighting in, effective ranges, firearm choice per species, proper handling and care of hunting rifles, shooting from different positions(prone, sitting, standing, free hand)
  • Shotguns: Cater to clay targets similar to paths of incoming/decoying birds, flushing birds, etc. Discuss shot sizes, chokes, shotgun selection for upland, waterfowl, and small game.
  • Pistols: Briefly discuss, focus more on self-defense, mention possibilities of handgun hunting.



  • Walking Upland Wingshooting Hunt



  • Explore vast hunting grounds in guided ranger tour
  • Hiking (off trail)
  • Looking for sign (rubs, tracks)
  • Point out feeding areas, bedding areas
  • Go over hunting/calling scenarios


  • Date: September 4-7, 2023
  • Location: Lodge & Spa
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