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Tailor your sporting experience to your preferences. Unrivaled upland bird hunts, waterfowl hunts, big game hunts and shooting sports are available at French Creek Sportsmen's Club and are led by an elite team of outfitters well-versed with our impressive landscape.

What to Expect for a Driven Hunt

A true driven hunt places the highest priority on sportsmanship and etiquette, ensuring all participating members of the drive are frequently offered the highest quality of pheasants at the most optimal flight presentations. Pheasants are traditionally “driven” over a waiting gun line composed of up...
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The foundation of good sportsmanship begins with a safety-mindedness for yourself and those around you. Poor gun handling or an inability to follow direction from the shoot captain or loaders will result in removal from the current drive. In addition to being safety focused while afield, having a...
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A maximum of 12 guests in a single party have exclusive access to our ultra-secluded Sportsmen’s Club. Enjoy private access to its breathtaking environment and to the notable sporting experiences it affords. Led by a ‘Shoot Captain’ with a team of dog handlers and your personal loader, shooters rotate through ten different shooting positions on six drives, with a break for a traditional ‘Elevenses’.


The classic hunting traditions of England and Scotland meet the modern spirit of the American West to combine for an unparalleled wingshooting experience. Rooted in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, this traditional method of wingshooting— once only offered in Europe— is now exclusively available at our Sportsmen’s Club. With an elevation of 7,500 ft., guests can expect to traverse moderate terrain bearing sagebrush, hay meadows, aspens, pines, cottonwoods, and willow bottoms. Our Fall weather varies, yet is mostly mild with high temperatures in the 60’s and low temperatures in the 40’s.

What to Wear

We want to ensure all of our guests arrive to the Sportsmen’s Club well informed of the proper shooting attire and what they will need to be prepared for a traditional hunt in the field. Most importantly, your attire should serve to keep you comfortable, warm, and dry. We recommend garments reflecting earth-tones and strongly discourage any camouflage or blaze-orange.


Above everything else, we value the safety of our guests, our guides, and our dogs. Your shoot captain will review proper gun handling practices with you before the drive begins and give instructions on how to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you throughout the day. Your personal loader will also help keep you safety-aware or field any questions you may have during the hunt.

A few key tips to keep in mind about proper gun handling:

  • Always keep your gun in a case and unloaded while in between drives or traveling in vehicles.
  • If your gun is not in a case, ensure that it is broken open and unloaded to show those around you they are safe.
  • When the gun is closed, it should always remain pointed in a safe direction. Never point a loaded or unloaded gun at anyone at anytime.
  • Remain aware of where the beating line is and those driving birds towards you. Give the pheasants plenty of time to clear the horizon and never fire a shot if you have any doubt it may be too low.
  • Etiquette

    As with any traditional sporting event, there are guidelines to proper etiquette associated with a driven hunt. The overall shooting experience will be more enjoyable for all those involved if everyone is aware of what to expect during the hunt and in turn, what is expected of them. Implement good sportsmanship wherever possible. Dress to a level of quality that reflects the driven hunt being executed. Show appreciation when possible for the tremendous amount of work put in by your game-keepers, loaders, and dog handlers that proceeded your arrival. A golden rule to remember throughout the day: be safe and be sporting.

    Elite Outfitters

    Matt Anderson
    Big Game
    Matt grew up in Colorado where he fell in love with the outdoors at a very young age. He graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Wildlife Biology and started professionally guiding fly fishing, big game hunting, and waterfowl hunting over 15 years ago but has spent most of his guiding career in and around the Upper North Platte River Valley. As the Director of Activities and Outfitting, Matt is responsible for all recreation related programming within the Brush Creek Luxury Ranch Collection.
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    Brush Creek Ranch is an equal opportunity service provider operating under permits from Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest, U.S. Bureau of Land Management, and the State of Wyoming.

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