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Shooting Paradise

Directed by a team of professional instructors, our shooting facility offers unlimited access to a pistol range, rifle range, and a variety of shotgun options. You’re free to bring your own gun, or use the high-end firearms and ammunition on property that are complementary with your inclusive rate. Just ask and we’ll accommodate.

Our Stations

5-stand clays course (shotgun) with nine different clay throwers offering a variety of flight trajectories that mimic commonly encountered shots in the field. 10 station walking sporting clays course (shotgun) with two clay towers per station. Also simulate commonly encountered flight trajectories. Helice Ring (shotgun) offers a unique winged tagger that flies at high speeds in a unpredictable flight pattern creating one of the most challenging targets around. Standard Trap House (shotgun) where clays are thrown from the feet of the shooters away from the platform. Rifle Range with steel rifle targets at 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 yards. Handgun Range with steel targets at 10 - 30 yards.

Our Gear

We provide any and all gear needed for utilizing our shooting facilities— all complimentary. We use only the finest quality over and under Beretta silver pigeon shotguns in .410 .28 .20, and .12 gauge, X-rail semi-automatic shotguns with 25 round magazines, various semi-automatic revolvers and pistols in .22, 9mm, .357, .38, and .45 calibers, long range scoped rifles in .338, .300, .308, .223 calibers and AR platforms. We also provide unlimited premium ammunition, eye and ear protection, shooting vests, shirts, and shell belts.

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Beretta over/under shotguns in .410, 28, 20, and 12 gauge are available in both field and sporting versions for your use on the range or in the field. Try your hand at a number of different activities while using the best equipment on the market today. Our experienced outfitters will be by your side from the planning stage to your time at French Creek, ensuring that you get the most from your stay.

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Steel targets positioned from 100 to 500 yards away offer shooting with all types of centerfire rifles. Most commonly used are .223 calibers in both bolt action and AR platforms. Go up to our .338 Lapua or try out our Tracking Point long range rifles. The heated, covered, open-air range building is a two-story facility that accommodates multiple participants at a time while you try your hand at various rifle shooting situations.

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Choose from a variety of semi-automatic and revolver handguns to shoot, under a covered porch that is adjoining our rifle range and 5 stand conveniently located feet behind the cabins. Steel targets situated at varying distances offer fun and challenging shooting for all skill levels.

Elite Outfitters

Doug Cannon

Doug originally hails from Missouri, but has spent the majority of his wingshooting guiding career in Texas. He has operated and managed some of the finest wingshooting lodges across the county, gaining years of invaluable experience and now he brings his unmatched talents to the French Creek outfitting team. Doug joined the team in 2016 as our wingshooting manager and continues to raise the bar of our bird hunting programs to this day.

Doug Cannon