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Cheyenne Club

An Art Form in History-Making Cuisine

An Art Form in History-Making Cuisine

Roll up your sleeves and learn from the best. Twice a week, a cooking demonstration is offered, which can accommodate up to six guests. Our executive chef will take guests through the key elements of a dish before they take on the cooking themselves— complete with a custom apron and recipe cards for guests to take home. Meals will then be enjoyed over exquisite wine and cocktails.

In the mid-1800s, starlets, socialites and political legends traveled to the famous Cheyenne Club to experience world-class luxury delicately seasoned with the spice of adventure. We’ve reimagined this Western icon with our seed-to-table dining experience, that blends the finest ingredients plucked from our 20,000 sq. ft. greenhouse and surrounding farm lands, our highly sought-after Wagyu beef, and freshly sourced seafood to craft cutting-edge cuisine. Our team of chefs meticulously seek to supply immersive and interactive culinary adventures for our guests.

Cheyenne Club’s fusion of rustic elegance and modern aesthetic creates one of the most sophisticated dining atmospheres in not just the West, but perhaps the world. With a growing selection of more than 500 wine varieties from around the globe, guests of the Farm can receive a personal tour through our expansive Brush Creek Cellar with our Lead Sommelier and choose the perfect wine to pair with your unforgettable meal. Welcome to the Cheyenne Club, where your flavorful journey becomes one with ours.

Cheyenne Club

Reviving a Western Legend

Nearly 150 years ago Cheyenne, Wyoming, was one of the wealthiest cities on earth. The transcontinental railroad and prosperous ranching brought cattle barons, industrial giants, political figures and British aristocrats. In the 1880s, an exclusive club was formed to serve this elite class: The Cheyenne Club.

The Cheyenne Club was where deals were struck alongside some of the world’s most renowned cuisine, wine, liquor and cigars. The chef was European-trained and used the finest ingredients available. As word spread among the world’s wealthiest, The Cheyenne Club’s reputation rivaled the upscale Corkscrew Club in Denver and would challenge the best clubs in London.

The two-story brick building’s façade was draped in Victorian French windows. Inside, members were greeted with two grand staircases. The interior housed wine vaults, billiards rooms and smoking rooms. The beautiful hardwood floors were overlaid with Turkish carpets, and the finest luxuries at the time were provided: electricity, telephone, central heating and an elevator.

Historic Cheyenne Club of The Farm at Brush Creek

A Glimpse at our Menu

Refined meals to suit every taste. Our culinary team labors to develop the highest quality culinary experiences for our guests. Below is a sample of the exquisite dishes served up by our team of chefs.

Dress Code

After 4PM, we suggest Western Chic for women dining at The Cheyenne Club. This includes dresses, skirts, dress jeans or slacks. Cowboy boots are also acceptable.

Gentlemen attending dinner at the Cheyenne Club should plan on wearing Ranch Style attire. This includes dress jeans or slacks, collared shirts, and cowboy boots. Sport coats or western jackets are also encouraged. Please note that non-collared shirts, polo shirts, worn jeans, tennis shoes or baseball caps are not acceptable.