The Farm at Brush Creek: Medicine Bow Creamery

Medicine Bow Creamery

Crafted Cheeses and Ice Cream from Alpine Goats

Crafted Cheeses and Ice Cream from Alpine Goats

Our award winning creamer masterfully instills our delicious dairy products with bold inspiration and complex flavors, blending old world and old west traditions. Using the finest quality milk from our herd of Alpine goats, Medicine Bow Creamery is dedicated to creating superior taste through tried and true processes. Delight yourself with our hand-crafted yogurt, ice cream, butter, and more, or if you’re seeking a more hands-on experience, participate in crafting these incredible flavors through educational opportunities.

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Our Cheeses

We’ve drawn deep inspiration from our roots, adding our own unexpected flavorful twist with the help of our secret ingredient: our free range Alpine Goats. Nourished on the fat of the wyoming landscape, Alpine milk is rich and flavorful, saturated with wild, sophisticated taste that you can experience in every delectable bite.

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Our Ice Cream

Original, wholesome and full of unexpected flavor, you’ll be filled with cool delight with every delectable bite. Our Alpine goat milk is the foundation for the unexpectedly rich, creamy base. From our landscape and Brush Creek Greenhouse, we bring only the freshest flavors year round. Nothing added, nothing artificial. Always made fresh. What are you waiting for? Reward your long journey to the Wyoming wilderness with a few chilling scoops.

Medicine Bow Creamery Nubian Goats

Our Family of Goats

Originating in the French Alps, Alpine Goats are famously known for being a high quality dairy breed. In America, it continues to be one of the most revered dairy goats. Their temperament is loving, peaceful, trusting, and incredibly sociable. Medium in size and colorful in appearance, these animals bear standing ears, a straight profile, and produce flavorful milk.