ATV Adventures

ATV Adventures

Skill Level: All

Duration: 2.5 Hours


When hiking isn’t your speed, cruise along trails on an ATV instead! Spend a half-day with your small group or family exploring the million-acre Medicine Bow National Forest, endless miles of trails for all ability levels. Our ATV’s can support one or two riders.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does ATV stand for?

All-Terrain Vehicle.

We have ATV’s at home and my 7 year old rides all the time. Why can’t he ride here?

The forest service guidelines are strict and we must abide by them or we can lose our ATV permit.

Why can’t you accommodate more people?

Our permit only allows us to take 8 riders max out at a time.

What happens if I damage my ATV?

Damages will be assessed and you will be financially responsible for the repair cost.

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