Distillery Tours and Tastings

Distillery Tours and Tastings

Duration: 2 Hours


Take a tour of our distillery, learn about the process and history of distillation, and what makes our Wyoming spirits so unique. A full guided tasting of our whiskey, vodka gin, and available specialty releases is included.

A Barrel Tasting Experience is also available by request. Receive a sneak peek of The Distillery’s selection of spirits in their various stages of life right out of the barrels.

*Elevated experiences available upon request

Contact us at 307-327-5284 for additional information and to reserve your experience.

We instilled the pioneering essence of the Wild West into our spirits by marrying age-old, true-to-life stories with flavors from the land. Each batch is handcrafted and expertly made here in Wyoming, where we utilize the freshest and local ingredients unique to the West through the use of our on-site Farm and Greenhouse. Join us on an adventure, one where our stories become part of yours.

Distilling Process

Our head distiller combines yeast, water, and time to craft the base for all raw spirits. He then uses malts from the locally sourced Wyoming grain to create starches and adds rich, vibrant flavor. Our mash consists of corn, rye, barley, and the barley we have malted. While cooking the mash we stop at carefully selected temperatures, and allow it to rest. This rest allows for the starches to break down into simple sugars which the yeast then consumes. In keeping with our commitment to stewarding the land well, we use clean, Wyoming mountain water for cooking, distillation, and cutting before we barrel and bottling.

To the newly cooked batch, we add yeast, allowing it to ferment and become an alcoholic “beer”. Our fermentation lasts 3.5 to 4 days. This “beer” is then moved into the still and heated to begin the distillation process.

To create a product of the highest quality and taste, we distill our spirits twice. The first run is fast and hot, liberating the alcohol from the mash, which is known as a stripping run. Pumping the newly collected alcohol back into the still, it moves slowly into the spirit run. Known as “the heads”, the first liquid off the still is discarded. Using decades of experience, we decide when the run is safe and of the finest quality through the use of smell and taste. We call this cut “the hearts”. Finally, as the spirit run finishes, we make our final cut. The “tails cut”, contains high oils and off flavors, which we discard. Taking the hearts, we mix it with that crystal clear water from the Wyoming mountains in order to bring it to proof for filling bottles and barrels.

Each spirit has a process full of complexities and steps that differ from the others. Our head distiller is well equipped with a lifetime perfecting their craft and a passion for nuanced flavor to create finest spirits in the world, and this is how they do it.


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