Wyoming Big Game Hunting | Brush Creek Luxury Ranch Collection

Big Game


Mountain Lion

Skill level:All
Duration:5 Days


Five Day Hunt The mountain lion is a quota season, beginning September 1 and running to March 31. Wyoming mountain lion hunting trips are normally in the snow, a landscape providing the best tracking conditions.

You’ll use a pack of hounds raised and trained by a legendary local hound’s man to pursue your big cat. In the early morning, your guided crew will drive the roads in either a pickup or snow vehicle to find the tracks of a mature tom. The hounds will be released, and the chase will begin. This hunt can be short with not much physical endurance required, or can be a long grueling day trailing the dogs and lion. This hunt is either undertaken on foot or from horseback, depending on the conditions, location, and your desires.

Application Period: Over-the-Counter License

Geographic Zone: Area 7 & Area 31

Draw Date: N/A

Hunt Dates: Dec. 1 – Jan. 31