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The Brush Creek Luxury Ranch Collection

The Brush Creek Luxury Ranch Collection

Explore Brush Creek Ranch, located at the North Platte River Valley of south-central Wyoming. Nestled between the ancient Sierra Madre mountain range and stunning Medicine Bow National Forest, Brush Creek Ranch includes three properties that guests can choose to stay at. The Lodge and Spa, Magee Homestead and French Creek Sportsmen’s Club each offer a variety of accommodation and activities options, fit for the most demanding traveler.

The Brush Creek Ranch Luxury Collection spans over 30,000 secluded acres and includes a private 600 acre mountain getaway surrounded by the Medicine Bow National Forest. Numerous rivers, creeks and lakes shape an extensive water system and offer our guests unparalleled fishing experiences. The Farm at Brush Creek is a fully-immersive culinary adventure featuring our own luxury restaurant, greenhouse, brewery, distillery, creamery, bakery, spirit vault, a 94-yard wine cellar and unique event spaces for up to 250 people.


Luxury Ranch Collection Overview

Lodge & Spa logo
  • 10,000 sq. ft. of professional meeting spaces
  • Largest meeting space: 4,380 sq. ft.
  • Multiple room types and cabins
  • Up to 150 guests
  • Great for large groups
Magee Homestead logo
  • Multiple cabin types
  • Up to 29 guests
  • Ideal for small groups and couples
French Creek logo
  • Multiple cabin types
  • Up to 14 guests
  • Ideal for small groups
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Lodge & Spa

Lodge & Spa is a modern luxury dude ranch with 33 individual units. Small groups and groups of up to 150 guests can be accommodated. Family and group activities, sports, and activities among nature are available.

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Magee Homestead

Our all-encompassing luxury spa resort set in the wilderness makes for total mind, body, and spirit rejuvenation. On-site spa facilities include a grotto soaking pool, a hot tub, sauna, and steam room. Yoga, horseback riding, hiking and other wellness activities available.

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French Creek Sportsmen’s Club

With 15,000 acres sporting paradise, our elite all-inclusive enclave is for passionate outdoorsmen and women who are ready to tackle our sporting paradise. Located on the historic Sanger Ranch, French Creek Sportsmen’s Club offers access to the nation’s premier hunting and fishing grounds.

Medicine Bow National Forest

Spanning forever-long across the Western Frontier lies Medicine Bow National Forest, an area steeped in legend. As the story goes, tribes sought after coveted Mountain Mahogany to constructing their bows and as a medicinal ingredient during annual, ceremonial powwows. When settlers appeared on the scene and began interacting with the tribes, a hybrid speech developed among them. The tribe’s activities in the forest became known as “making-medicine” and “making-bow”, resulting in the area being called Medicine Bow by locals.

Our River System

The upper reaches of the North Platte River flow through the Sierra Madre National Forest, then enter the Encampment River Wilderness area. French Creek and Brush Creek start high up in the Medicine Bow National Forest and run through our land. These waters, as well as our 6 different stillwater fisheries, offer guests unparalleled fishing experiences.

Green Mountain

Located 25 minutes from the gates of Brush Creek Ranch, Green Mountain is completely surrounded by National Forest lands, combining a secluded outdoor adventure with awe-inspiring views.

A Culinary Adventure

The Farm

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Cheyenne Club

Cheyenne Club’s fusion of rustic elegance and modern aesthetic creates one of the most sophisticated dining atmospheres in not just the West, but perhaps the world.

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When you have a greenhouse, seasons don’t dictate the growth and harvest of a crop. You can grow whatever you want, whenever you want.

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Brush Creek Distillery

We instilled the pioneering essence of the Wild West into our spirits by marrying age-old, true-to-life stories with flavors from the land. Each batch is handcrafted and expertly made here in Wyoming, where we utilize the freshest and local ingredients unique to the West through the use of our on-site Farm and Greenhouse.