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Brush Creek Ranch
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Brush Creek Ranch Road

This road is widely used during most of the day on the ranch but is an ideal pick for an early morning/late evening hike or biking adventure. Many guests enjoy a leisurely stroll along the meadow portion to soak in the sunset. Antelope and Mule Deer are abundant as this road offers slight inclines and declines along sagebrush flats and meadows. This road is used to access Jim’s Draw, Francis Draw, Falcon’s Peak and Vista Camp Cabins. Combined with Brush Creek Trail, this makes for a great loop that is easily access from Trailhead Lodge.

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A to B Distance 2.6 MilesCalendar With DateJune - NovemberCurrently 0° with

Outfitter's Center

The hub and starting point for all of your adventures and activities is the Outfitter’s Center; the large barn across from the Lodge. Once you’ve settled in upon arrival, you are welcome to stop by to become familiar with your staff and begin scheduling some of your activities. We typically schedule activities in “morning” and “afternoon” time periods, in addition to “late afternoon” before the sun sets. Our Outfitter’s Center team is eager to assist you in scheduling all activities, in addition to providing gear, guiding, and tips for making the most of your stay. While most activities are “guided,” you may do hiking, mountain biking and some fishing “on your own.”

Safety & Preparedness

We are a working cattle ranch with roaming livestock and variety of wildlife, and therefore it is critical that all guests and ranch staff adhere to these important ranch rules and preparedness tips to ensure a comfortable and safe journey throughout the ranch.