Moments of Connection | Brush Creek Ranch

Moments of Connection

In the beauty of the unexpected we find newness, peace and connection.

December 2020 | Brush Creek Ranch

This year has been unlike any other, challenging us in ways I think many of us never thought possible, and making our world feel a bit smaller. Perhaps we are only traveling domestically instead of crossing oceans and Continents. Or we are spending more time at home – working from home, learning from home, celebrating at home. Certainly, it has made each of us appreciate more the relationships in our lives and the privilege of being able to spend time with loved ones.

Living in the moment and pausing to take a deep breath and appreciate our surroundings is something we at Brush Creek Ranch have become quite accustomed to, and something that we work to cultivate for our guests when they spend time with us. We build time into the daily itinerary for guests to “Rest & Connect” after a day of adventure and before dinner time. But we find that these moments of connection, of appreciating the small things in life are actually happening every moment of every day at Brush Creek Ranch. Moments such as...

Taking a walk through the pasture and spotting a mare with her foal in the morning light.

Enjoying the solitude of watching the sun rise over the Ranch with a cup of hot coffee and a warm blanket wrapped around your legs or sitting by the fireplace with a book and a cup of hot cocoa.

Watching the wonder in a child’s eyes as a bald eagle soars overhead or a fish jumps from the stream.

Sharing stories from the day with your partner before bed instead of tuning out in front of the TV.

Meeting a new friend by the campfire who hails from a town near yours or shares your passion for cooking.

Sharing a smile across the lawn with a family member as the children shriek and laugh with pure joy and abandon.

Each guest experiences these moments of connection and reflection in ways as individual as they are, but we know they all have them because we see it in their eyes at the end of their stay. What we have found time and again over the last decade at the Ranch – and this year in particular – is that even in the midst of the most grand adventure, it is often the small moments that make the most indelible memories.

Mike Williams

COO, Brush Creek Luxury Ranch Collection