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An Unparalleled Wine Experience

An Unparalleled Wine Experience

Taste liquid history. Functioning as a blend between historians and librarians, sommeliers both categorize and store wines from various eras. Discover our collection, recognized as "Best of" by Wine Spectator.

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Every single category of wine from every single portion of the world. Brush Creek Cellar is committed one of the finest wine lists in the world representing every wine producing country in existence. Celebrating the past while looking to the future, you’re invited on a journey around the world without ever having to leave the comfort of The Farm.

Touring Brush Creek Cellar's impressive collection, our Lead Sommelier will lead you in an educational session where you’ll learn about different varietals, regions, and vintages, all while snacking on our fresh cheeses crafted from Medicine Bow Creamery. With the guidance of our Sommelier, you’ll even have the opportunity to pick out your wine of choice for dinner at Cheyenne Club.


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Founders Room

The Founders Room is a 900 bottle cellar, paired with a private dining room, that features Bordeax curated from the Terlato Family dating back to the storied vintage of 1982. On display are large format bottles that include Jeroboams of Krug Champagne, Imperials of Chateau d'Yquem, and Salmanzars of Bordeaux, Brunello and California wines.

Custom designed tasting tables facilitate interaction and conversation. The cellar portion of the Founders Room is constantly maintained at 55 degrees and 65 percent humidity, while the dining element of the Founders Room is kept at a comfortable 70 degrees.

Private parties of up to 28 people will enjoy a tasting in the cellar followed by seated dinner in the adjacent private dining room. Floor to ceiling glass doors separate the cellar from the private dining room so that guests have full view of the wine collection.