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An Unparalleled Wine Experience

An Unparalleled Wine Experience

Taste liquid history. Functioning as a blend between historians and librarians, sommeliers both categorize and store wines from various eras. Gretchen Allen, our Lead Sommelier, boasts over 30 years of experience and oversees the wine program at The Farm at Brush Creek.

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Gretchen Allen, Lead Sommelier

As Head Sommelier at The Farm, Gretchen Allen is in charge of developing the entire wine program at The Farm, including wine procurement, list development, staff education and a top-notch guest experience. Allen will offer one-on-one tours of Brush Creek Cellar, a 94-yard tunnel housing displays of some of the most exclusive wines available, and will lead educational courses on blending, varietals and comparative tasting.

Allen brings over 30 years of wine experience to The Farm and holds a great pedigree of Sommelier and wine sales experience. Allen has held wine director and restaurant manager positions at several Michelin starred and Wine Spectator Grand Award-winning establishments, including Aureole and Valentino in Las Vegas and Auberge du Soleil in California. Allen will be working toward her goal of attaining the title of Master Sommelier while she is at The Farm over the next few years.

Allen’s wealth of knowledge, paired with her approachable style of talking about and sharing her knowledge of wine, fits in perfectly with The Farm’s brand of approachable luxury.

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Every single category of wine from every single portion of the world. Brush Creek Cellar is committed one of the finest wine lists in the world representing every wine producing country in existence. Celebrating the past while looking to the future, you’re invited on a journey around the world without ever having to leave the comfort of The Farm.

Touring Brush Creek Cellar's impressive collection, our Lead Sommelier will lead you in an educational session where you’ll learn about different varietals, regions, and vintages, all while snacking on our fresh cheeses crafted from Medicine Bow Creamery. With the guidance of our Sommelier, you’ll even have the opportunity to pick out your wine of choice for dinner at Cheyenne Club.


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Barrel Room

The Barrel Room is lined with barrels coopered specifically to the highest standards. The barrels are stacked in a "solera" style so that the barrels that are ready to taste are on the top, while the barrels that are resting comfortable for the duration of the aging process are on the bottom. This multi-layered solera adds a dramatic and romantic feel to the room. This room is a comfortable 70 degrees for superior spirit maturation.

Open for cocktail receptions, dinners or tastings, the Barrel Room can hold 14 people seated or 22 people reception style.